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Aucasaurus Edit


Full name Aucasaurus garridoi
Notable aucasaurs Dragonfly
Appearances Alpha's egg
When it lived 84-68 million years ago
Where it lived Argentina


Aucasaurus (identified as aucasaur) had tiny arms, which are even smaller in comparasin to the body than that of tyrannosaurids. It had the basic abelisaurid appearance of a short face packed with sharp teeth and strong jaws. Males are bright orange with a red nose and throat with black patterns all over the face and a back full of studded armour. Females are either plain grey or sometimes ith yellow around the arms and head. Aucasaurs measure about 13 feet long.


Aucasaurs leave their parents at about 15 years of age. A male would then start looking for a female. After mating, the pair would take care of the young together after they hatch and the life cycle begins again... Aucosaurs mainly hunt saltosaurs as their favorite food. Though they may seem like top predators,they are easily outmatched by the larger carcharadontosaurs .


In the show, Aucasaurs have claws, something no Abelisaur had