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IMG 20170225 141823

A lizard trying to hide from White Tip.

A lizard is a group of reptiles that is common throughout most of the world, except Antarctica (where it is too cold for most reptiles, other than birds, to live in).
IMG 20170225 141916

A lizard basking on the rock to warm up its body.

Appearances in Dinosaur PlanetEdit

White Tip's JourneyEdit

IMG 20170225 141940

A lizard notices White Tip.

Some unknown species of lizards made their appearance in the episode. They resemble very much like an agama lizard with a sort of gila monster-like coloration. This species of lizard might be omnivorous like most desert-dwelling lizards. Like many lizards of deserts, they have been frequently be seen in shades of trees to escape from overheating.
IMG 20170225 142006

A lizard standing on the sand.