Troodon is a small theropod from the Campanian epoch of the Cretaceous period.


Troodon are small feathered theropods. They have large orange eyes on narrow skulls with exposed upper teeth. They are orangish-brown, with a lighter shade on the snout, underbelly, and scales.


Three Troodon were first seen unsuccessfully hunting a herd of Orodromeus. The hunt was ended early when a geyser shot from the ground underneath one of the Troodons, killing it. Another pack was later seen drinking from a lake and missing the herd of Orodromeus hiding nearby. The pack from the beginning appeared again during the volcanic eruption, with one being killed by a falling magma rock and the last one killed in a pyroclastic flow.


  • Theropods were unable to pronate their hands.
  • Troodonts were likely not pure carnivores,and were likely omnivores.


  • The Troodon in Dinosaur Planet were based on remains that have been reassigned to Stenonychosaurus and Latenivenatrix. Troodon itself is now only known from teeth found in the Judith River Valley, where the episode is seemingly set.